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Specialised personnel

Goerg & Schneider employs 85 people in administration, production and laboratory

All of them have the same aim:

To meet the quality demands and expectations of our customers. 

Therefore we have specialised personnel:

Our technicians:

Certified industrial engineers, certified masters of business and computer science, certified ceramic engineers, ceramic technicians and designers, materials processing engineers, mining technicians, industrial foreman ceramics, our masters and employees for electronics and production engineering as well as material testers.

Our business employees: 

Certified graduates in business administration, graduate in business administration VWA, industrial business and office management assistants.


Contact Person Career

Stefan Klöckner

Stefan Klöckner

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Business Administration Manager

Phone: 02623 / 604-34
Fax.: 02623 / 604-35