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Goerg & Schneider GmbH u. Co. KG

On 1st September 1924, BENEDIKT GOERG and ALOIS SCHNEIDER founded the unlimited mercantile company (Offene Handelsgesellschaft) Goerg & Schneider in Siershahn, Westerwald, for the purpose of trade with and extraction of clays. Over the following decades, a large number of open-cast and underground operations were systematically developed in the Central Westerwald.

MuHGoergToday, the company Goerg & Schneider is still a classic family business.
The family Goerg´s exclusive ownership of the company is headed by the third generation, Dipl.-Wirt. Ing. Hartmut Goerg and his wife Martina Goerg, graduate of business administration.

The management’s basic declaration principles regarding the quality policy are clearly explained in the companies’ philosophy:

The aim of the company is to develop, produce and market products corresponding to quality requests and expectations of our customers. This is of course made under consideration of lawful rules and safety instructions as well as the capability of the company and the needs of our employees.

To fulfil the declared quality policy, a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001, was already introduced in 1996 and changed to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 in the year 2002.


Cooperation and participation

Beside the production and marketing in Westerwald, Goerg & Schneider is also represented by sales agencies throughout Europe.

By the co-founding and involvement in the Mittelhessische Tonbergbau GmbH (MTG), the use of raw material deposits and preparation facilities is guaranteed in Central Hesse.