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Language trip to England

This year, company Goerg und Schneider enabled me a language trip to England. I had the possibility to complete a 3 week’s internship at Valentine Clay where I gained professional experience in the production of porcelain and at the same time, I improved my English skills. I worked there in a great team and I visited the production of Valentine. On site I was able to learn more about the production of body Audrey Blackman 1101" and the new porcelain body “White Passion 1103”.

In addition, I was also lucky to get to know a lot of the city "Stoke-on-Trent". Among other things I visited "World of Wedgwood" which is one of the largest Ceramics Museums in the world. There I could also see many different techniques for the production of ceramic tableware. Besides I learned a lot about the history of ceramics and the development of ceramic bodies.

I am very grateful that I was given this chance.


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Author: Anna Wirth