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Pupil visit to company Goerg and Schneider


At first glance nothing unusual for children from the Westerwald, because many clay pits belong  to the image of the region. But anyhow what is clay, why did it develop in the Westerwald, how is it extracted and what is it used for? Time to take a closer look at the whole thing.

Therefore the children of class 4b of the “Regenbogenschule” Westerburg set out for a visit to company Goerg and Schneider in Boden.

Spacious and various types of clay have been found here for many years. The children could observe excavators, and they were surprised that almost the entire class found room in the excavator buckets. Via box feeder and conveyor belts, the path of the clay could be followed, which finally reached different boxes and was stored there. The children could feel the differently shredded clay with their hands: sometimes it felt like flour, sometimes rough like sand.

Unfortunately even the most exciting days come to an end. But not without a lovely souvenir in their pockets: the company had prepared a small package of ready-to-use ceramic body for each child, which the children happily accepted and directly processed at home.OfenOfenOfen