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Raw clays / Milled clays / Raw kaolin

Raw clays, in lumps, shredded and milled

In several open-cast operations the raw clays are extracted selectively which means that they are separated into different qualities. They are shredded into pieces whose size is no larger than 5 cm. Conveyor belts transport the material into covered intermediate storages. During this stage, random samples are regularly removed by automatic samplers. The laboratory tests the raw clays for different kinds of features depending on the following application, for example firing behaviour, grain size distribution and chemical analysis.
rohtone01Standardized or customer specific mixtures are made of single components. Different clays are brought together in certain proportions by boxfeeders. Afterwards they are transported by belts into mixing boxes and are homogenized by horizontal and vertical spreading.

Raw china clay, shredded and sieved

The extraction, mechanical grinding and storage of the white, yellow and red firing raw china clays for the use in casting and building ceramics takes place in our deposit near Aarbergen/Taunus.

Goerg & Schneider serves customers in all sectors of the ceramics industry. Customers of the stoneware industry, who produce floor tiles and panels, particularly appreciate the outstanding tight firing behaviour and the light-fired colour with their optimum fast-firing properties. For the production of earthenware wall tiles and sanitary ceramics the customers prefer white-firing clays with their excellent casting properties.

The clays are despatched ex works by lorry or rail or by ship ex Rhine port.

Our engineers or employees of our foreign representatives would be glad to advise you on the choice of quality which is suitable for you.