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Raw kaolin - deposit KETTENBACH / Taunus

The white firing raw kaolin from KETTENBACH / Taunus were used, after being prepared appropriately, for the production of paper and as filler material for over 30 years.  

The light firing raw kaolin was used as additional component for ceramic casting bodies from the beginning of the eighties. 

kettenbach1Only in the recent pas the excellent properties of the light and red firing raw kaolin became obvious for the use in ceramic bodies due to intensive application consulting and successful industry tests.  

By taking over the raw kaolin deposit in 2002,  Goerg & Schneider secures an important raw material base for casting bodies. In addition, the already practised application possibilities in brick and til ceramics are continuously extended. 


Availability and extraction

kettenbach2The current and future size of the raw kaolin extraction area is 20 ha. Drillings confirm a quantity of approx. 1.5 million tons of raw kaolin (2/3 of this quantity is yellow and red firing). The slightly inclined area has a thickness of excavated earth of 2 m to a maximum of 12 m. The thickness of kaolin lies between 5 and 15 m.  

The extraction of the raw kaolin of currently  50.000 tons per year is made by bucket excavators. Four-wheel drive trucks transport the material. Separated into qualities (white, red and yellow firing) the kaolin is stored beyond the mine in an open-air deposit. 

kettenbach3The material can be delivered ungrounded or shredded < 30 mm or shredded and sieved < 8 mm by a powerscreen. It is also in dry and milled form (packed or in bulk) available.